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Frequently Asked Questions

I know nothing about the martial arts.  Can I still join? 

Absolutely!  That's often the best time.


I'm out of shape and not flexible at all.  Will I be able to do the moves necessary?

Yes, we begin with an easy level of skill.  We will teach you how to become more flexible as you progress.


I have pain in my back (wrist, ankle, etc.).  Won't all that kicking hurt me further?

First of all, I am not a doctor.  For serious problems, please get serious help.  Our classes begin with low impact exercises to increase strength and flexility.  If any movement does hurt you, there are other stretching options we can recommend to help alleviate your pain.


I don't want to participate in any competitions.  Can I still take Taekwondo?

Yes, participating in competitions is your choice.


I want to join all the competitions I can.  Is that an option at your gym?

Yes, there are many tournament options you can participate in.


Do I need to do anything before signing up (be able to do push ups, stretching, etc.)?

No, you will learn everything you need during class.


I see photos of students doing really high kicks, but I'm so stiff.  I don't think I'll ever be able to kick that high.  Can I still join?

Yes, you will work on flexibility as you progress.  And quit dogging on yourself!


I don't get any support from my significant other.  They keep saying I'll just give up and quit.  What should I do?

Prove them wrong.  And take comfort in knowing that we have your back.


Is Taekwondo something I need to start as a child?  Am I too old?

You're never too old to improve your life and health!


I don't think "so-and-so" should've passed their test.  Why are there exceptions for some students when they forget their form or don't break their board, etc?

I watch students every day and monitor their ability.  People make mistakes when they are nervous or scared during testing, but it is my job as a master instructor to determine whether it was just a bad day, or if they really don't know the requirements.  Part of what I use to judge promotion is potential and attitude.  If I know you can do better, I will insist on it.


How do you discipline your students when they aren't focused and are being disrespectful?

They get a set of 9 push ups.  If that doesn't correct the immediate issue, sometimes we use a basic timeout from class, but a set of push ups almost always fixes the problem!  Children are typically much better behaved in the gym that at home or school because I do not back down on my expectations.


Can my child earn a black belt?

Yes.  Anyone under the age of 15 who achieves the level of black belt is actually designated as a 1st Poom.



How young is too young to get started in the martial arts?

Typically, we accept students ages 4 and older, but there may be exceptions for special cases.


Is stretching your muscles good in the long run?  I'm getting old and it hurts to stretch.

You should always stretch!  My grandma just turned 90 years old and still sits on the floor every day to stretch.


What is the difference between Taekwondo and Karate?

Taekwondo originated in Korea and emphasizes more kicking.  The art focuses on creating body action by staying loose until the moment of impact.  Karate began in Japan.  The art uses fewer kicks and keeps the body stiff during movements.