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Taekwondo is a native Korean fighting art that began over 20 centuries ago.  Practiced in over 160 countries, taekwondo has become one of the only martial arts accepted into the Olympic Games. 


The Jidokwan style of taekwondo taught at Halama's Martial Arts has a long history of being powerful, structured, and full of action.  Those features lead to discipline and body control, as well as the focus needed to achieve a more inspired life.  Being an accredited martial arts school ensures that all students are trained to meet a technical standard that is recognized and upheld around the globe. 

Master Nathan Halama


6th Degree Black Belt

Master Instructor Certified

Referee Certified


Taekwondo changed my life, and it can do the same for you.  Let me explain.


At the age of 6, I was tested by  physical therapist to have the coordination of a typical 2-year old.  I was physically weak.  And on top of that, I struggled with dyslexia.  I'm sure you can imagine how fun school was for a kid in LD classes. 


I wasn't book smart, and growing up on the family farm with a dad who had a drinking problem may not have been the ideal situation. 


I began taekwondo when I was 7-years old, and every time it seemed I had no control over my life, I decided to train even harder at the gym.  I was attentive and focused, and I began to understand the connection between mind and body.


I failed my red belt test 4 times, but I don't remember a time ever wanting to quit.  As I moved up in rank, I went from being that stupid kid to someone people actually respected.


I used to think it was impossible for someone like me to make a difference in the world. 


But now I've found my purpose, and taekwondo is more about helping others.  The more my students achieve, the more I achieve.  Not everyone grew up in the ideal situation.  But taekwondo is an honest, direct approach to turning the tide.  You can't just read this stuff in a book.  It takes years of training and experience.  It's not an easy trip.  But I will be right here with you, helping and doing it, too.


My life is pretty simple.  I love my family, and I love taekwondo.  I also enjoy skiing and camping. 

Master Justin Cruz-Uribe

5th Degree Black Belt

Referee Certified

I started Tae Kwon Do back in 1989 at age 10.  I immediately took to it for many reasons, but the principal one was that I could work hard as an individual and see results.  It gave me goals to strive for, and those required hard work and discipline to achieve.  I studied under a Korean Grand Master, Chong Hyon Chay, until he retired and moved away.  I worked with a fellow student of mine after he opened his own school for a period of time, and then moved to Wausau.


I found Halama’s Martial Arts and immediately realized it was a place where I could continue my study of Tae Kwon Do.  Tae Kwon Do has given me many things; confidence, discipline, a greater sense of who I am and direction in my life.  More recently, I have been able to share my love of Tae Kwon Do with my wife and my son.


Outside of the Do Jang, I like to spend time with my family, hiking, exploring, and playing games.  I love to read and enjoy playing video games. 


Brenda Halama


3rd Degree Black Belt


I started class when the gym first opened, and I didn't initially have any goals besides achieving a black belt.  At this point, taekwondo is part of me, and part of my family.  I've seen the difference taekwondo can make for others, and I want to be involved in that positive change.


My training has given me a lot of confidence in my job, where I don't naturally feel comfortable doing presentations and running meetings.  Taekwondo has taught me to just relax and talk to people.  Help them.  And be confident in what I know. 


Family is always first... but after that, I enjoy photography, writing, reading & learning, baking, and being active outside.


Tori Halama

2nd poom

Quentin Halama

1st poom Black Belt